“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

- Albert Einstein

And so it goes with a musician who opens doors for the eager guitarist with a thirst for knowledge. Tim Kleiman does not “teach” so much as guide the student of any age who truly is committed to excellence in reading, writing, performing, and recording music centered on the guitar.

Initially, it was the visual side of rock n’ roll that prompted the young Tim’s journey into music. He was so captivated by the costumes and theatrics of the rock band KISS at age five that he carried his Paul Stanley action figure with him almost everywhere. Tim started guitar lessons, but because of his small size his teacher handed him a ukulele. Tim also began playing the violin, taking private lessons and performing in the elementary school and city orchestras. But soon the lure of rock and roll was too exciting to resist.

Inspired by groups such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden, Tim picked up the bass guitar and at age 12 began forming rock bands. By 14, Tim had acquired his first Fender Stratocaster guitar. Now Metallica riffs replaced the Bach fugues that earlier had floated from his bedroom. 

Tim lived in Seattle during the grunge explosion and became a fixture in the scene—writing, recording and performing on bass with rock bands such as "Ready, Willing and Abel," "Alter Eden,” and "Primal Order."  At this time Tim attended The Evergreen State College, where he obtained a B.A. in music, and began teaching private music lessons.

By the mid 90’s, Tim would play bass with well-known Tucson-based jam band “Spirit Union Revival.” The band released an album and toured extensively on the West Coast, playing small clubs to large festivals such as the Oregon Country Fair. Tim lived with the band at Wind Spirit, a non-profit intentional community in Arizona where members created a permaculture desert oasis and hosted retreats.

Shifting into the new millennium, Tim grabbed his Stratocaster again and concentrated on creating more music. He moved back to his home town of Los Angeles and formed the rock band “Debrix” with Memphis-based musician Ty Crook. Debrix released a record in 2004. 

The Seventh Hour,” Tim’s ongoing music venture, was formed in 2008 with former Lenny Kravitz back-up singers Todd and Troy Garner. The band's self titled debut album is available on iTunes. The band can sometimes be found performing in and around Hollywood at such iconic venues as The Roxy and The Troubadour.

In the summer of 2010 Tim packed up his guitar to tour with the veteran rock/metal band “Culprit,” headlining the Headbangers Open Air Festival in Hamburg, Germany, part of the band's reunion tour.

Tim can also currently be seen performing live with "Live From Earth", a tribute to Pat Benatar. Please visit Tim's personal website for a current schedule of shows coming up. 

Tim now lives in Los Angeles, where he teaches guitar and bass when not involved in his own music. Tim also leads rock-school-style workshops and hosts live concert performances with his student rock group “Obvious Plagiarism.” Reminded of his five-year-old self when he recently spotted Paul Stanley at his neighborhood market, he reflected, “Who knew my early fascination with KISS would give me such purpose—and a lifetime of creating and teaching music?”